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Brenda McDonald is in charge of taking, and giving status on orders. She can receive them through this website and at:

phone 801-224-3177

Here are some of the services we offer. Keep in mind these are estimates and that fees are subject to change at any time without prior written notice.


Appraisal Type


Single Family Residential




Full Appraisal $500K - $1M


Full Appraisal over $1M


Jumbo Appraisal over $3M or 10,000+ sf            


2-4 Family Income property       

$500 - 600

Limited Appraisal 2055 exterior Only


Manufactured Home




Improved Lot Appraisal

Land Appraisal

$350 +

$500 +

Field Review

$350 +

Desk Review

$300 +

Out of Area                              

$100 +

This is not a complete list of the services we can provide. Please contact us if the service you need is not listed.

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At Denbow Appraising, we believe you deserve nothing short of the best service. Our team is dedicated to serving the property-related needs of homeowners, business owners,  and the community at large. 

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